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SkinPack Windows10 10.0

Makes older Windows versions look like Windows 10
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Changes every aspect of the regular Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 user interface, making it mimic the one sported by Microsoft's latest operating system.

Windows 10 is many things, but the one thing it is not is ugly. This time the designers did a great job at making the Microsoft system look beautiful. However, design and appearance are just a small fraction of what makes a good OS, so many people still prefer using the older versions of Windows. Still, the 10 is really great-looking and many people want to have the style, but not the substance. For them, a Windows 10 skin pack was released.

This skin pack claims to provide users with the best experiences of Windows 10 in Windows 8 and 7. True, once installed, it transforms almost every element of a Microsoft system's interface into that of Windows 10 or at least something very close to it. Due to a generation gap, some parts of the system can never be truly made to look like a newer one's. For example, the long-awaited return of the Start button is purely visual, as the general structure of Windows 7/8 remains the same. However, cosmetic changes go as far as providing a pretty realistic feel of using the newer system.

All in all, the skin pack is very good for those who wish to experience aesthetic pleasures Windows 10 can offer.

James Lynch
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